Well, its been an evenful month.. just over four weeks ago we were joined by our daughter Imogen. Our little fairy now has a little sister.

At times the joy of having Imogen with us reminds me of how painful it was to lose Lily.. but then its a pain that will never go.

A few times Imogen has reached out and grabbed my necklace that has Lilys hand & foot prints, moments like that are so very special. Its the start of her knowing she has a sister.

I look forward to telling her abour her big sis who is now a cheeky fairy that flys around causing mischief – especially winding up the cats!


just to be clear

For anyone grieving over anything you are still allowed to find moments of normality. You are still allowed to find things that make you smile. Even with the greatest of losses you are not expected to cry non-stop. Cry, grieve, scream at life for being a shit but Never feel like you have to fit into an expectation of grief.