Family and other peoples babies

The loss of our little one has resulted in the first time ive really felt frustrated with my close family.its an issue that really stems from how people are afraid to talk about loss. If someone close to you has lost someone, dont be afraid to talk to them. They probably wont want to talk about what they are going through, but may appreciate having a normal conversation. You can rest assured that even though they can hold a normal conversation they are still hurting inside, but that conversation will help them not feel so isolated. ‘Well, if i need to talk they know im here’.. really? Dealing with loss evaporates your want to do anything let alone feel like you want to reach out. It took so much for me to go speak to someone about how i was feeling when i hit a bad low, i essentially had to force myself to do that. If you care about someone talk to them, dont leave them in silence. Unfortunately i now feel a divide that ive not felt before, im sure it will heal over time. And maybe im being a dick as there is no book on how these things should go, but seriously just reach out to them.

Also i felt my first pangs of jelousy this week. Two people i know have had babies. They are both wonderful people and amazing parents – as they both already have kids. This is where it comes in, a feeling of being pissed off with life – others are having a second kid and life cant seem to let us have one?!? Its a horrible way to feel. Im not a believer in deities but it really feels like life is being a cunt.

i miss my little girl so much. Shes always in our hearts, but she should also be in our arms.


One thought on “Family and other peoples babies”

  1. Don’t worry you’re not being a dick.
    People just have no clue what to say at all, and they are too damn scared of hurting you to reach out, and of hurting themselves.

    You will find people who will go to you, so tou don’t have to go to them.
    If I’ve learnt anything I’ve learnt who I can talk to, and sometimes who that person is can surprise you.
    I know I cannot say anything that will realy help how much you hurt, but I hope you know you are not allone, even though it can feel like that.
    I cannot equate my loss or pain to yours, as every life if unique, but I can say that you have every right to grieve, and hate on peoplewho don’t get it and scream and be mad. You have every right to feel, and every right to love.


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